Thursday, August 21, 2008

A second blog....

As many of you who know me or have read this site know, I'm beginning to feel a real conviction and calling to write more about church, and what church is, how we do church, how Jesus wants church to be and other church-related issues, with a view to writing a book.

As such I have felt recently that to help focus my mind and to allow me to go deeper that I need to start a second blog, focussing more specifically on those type of subjects. It will allow me to go a lot deeper and to focus on these issues, while continuing to write for this blog.

It will also allow me to put the focus of this blog more on issues outside of church and more focussed on asking the big questions about our faith, tackling issues facing Christians today and reflecting on what God is doing in my own life.

So this blog will be continuing, and I will be posting on it regularly still, so keep reading this blog.

However I will now be writing another blog too, and I'd love you to read it once it goes live in the next few days and I start posting more regularly. There will be a link to it on this site and also little snippets and updates on any posts that go on there, but in case you want to bookmark it now the site's address is....

There's nothing there quite yet and I'm still working on it, but there will be lots more soon.

This is exciting for me as I try to write more focussed and subject-specific posts for both this and my new blog, and the process has helped focus my mind more on what I want to write for both sites.

I hope you enjoy it!