Thursday, August 14, 2008

No more wasted opportuinites

The situation in Georgia continues, and even when the troops withdraw, the suffering will continue. The people will live with the consequences for a long time to come.

I feel frustrated.

This is an opportunity. An opportunity for the church to show itself. To take the lead, to show the way. To show what Jesus stands for.

Imagine the power of someone like The Archbishop of Canterbury going to Georgia. Now.

Going there and meeting and serving people who are in need. Giving up his time to serve with a group of other Christian leaders. Making a speech about what's so wrong with this world, and that taking action to stand against violence, injustice and war is what Jesus is all about, that its the right thing to do, that we should all be doing it.

In one fell swoop all the talk of division would be silenced. People would look on with admiration. People would start to think that maybe the church is about more than just division and politics.

In fact, eventually they might start to see that its not about those things at all.

They might start to see Jesus.

Christians - the church - have to start taking the lead in these issues.

Christians have to not be afraid to be controversial.

Christians have to take a stand and get involved, and do something when things aren't as God intended.

That's being church. That's the type of community Jesus advocated and longs for.

It doesn't mean we all have to go to Georgia or another needy country. Not everyone is called to do that, we all have different roles to play. But its the values at our heart that need to be right.

We mustn't have any fear of standing up for Jesus' values, whatever anyone thinks.

Ultimately, Jesus values do appeal to people. When they see them in action and displayed in front of them, when they understand them, they start to appreciate them.

Call me an idealist, but I believe that when the power and love of Jesus is demonstrated publicly and powerfully then people are compelled to respond.

I'm sick of wasted opportunities for the church to display the love of Jesus.

Lets start doing it.

Wherever we are. Whatever the situation. Whoever we're with. In whatever we do. In big ways and small ways. However we can. Whatever the consequences.

We'll all make mistakes of course. We're human.

We also must always be obedient to what God is telling us. Always. We can love one another in different ways, less obvious and obvious ways.

Jesus said that the world would know His followers for how they love one another. Jesus commanded us to love one another.

I believe if our hearts are pointed in the right direction, we can change the world.

I believe in the God of the impossible.

I believe in real church.

I believe real church at its best can change the world for the better, and bring God's kingdom here.


So no more wasted opportunities. Lets begin.