Monday, August 25, 2008


You ever wondered why bad things seem to 'always' happen to you?

Ever got angry about something that's happened and thought to yourself "Why does this always happen to me, and never to anyone else"?

Eight years ago my mum died. Very suddenly, and although I thought I'd prepared myself for it, when it happened it all became surreal.

Then as time goes by I start when bad things happen to me, I begin to start snapping back. I begin to think to myself, and start to pray to God - or shout out to Him, more likely - that this isn't fair.

I'd had my share of pain.

I'd had my share of suffering and frustration.

I don't deserve any more pain

I deserve good things all the time.

But God has taught me over the years that its simply not the case. Life is difficult. Life can be painful. Life can be full of little hassles and annoyances. Life isn't perfect.

Yesterday I accidentally let a virus loose on my computer, which also caused hassle to others. I didn't create that virus, someone else did, and its caused hassle for me and others.

But for the first time in a long time, I didn't catch myself saying under my breath 'Why did it happen to me?'

I now see that while it might be annoying, its not the worst thing that could happen. Its retrievable. Its manageable. It costs some time and hassle, but its not beyond saving. Its part of life.

I can now see that like this virus the frustration I feel, the pain I still feel from losing my mother, is also not beyond saving and healing. Because I know someone who suffered more than anyone else, so that I don't have to live in fear and anger anymore. I know someone who has suffered more than I will ever suffer.

It gives me perspective. It gives me confidence.It gives me hope.

So let us see that bad things happen to all of us. Let us know that there is a saviour out there who has suffered even more than we have, and knows exactly the pain we are feeling.

Let us know that none of us are beyond saving, beyond healing, beyond restoration.

Finally, let us believe that all of us have a new, real, hope within us.

Always with us. Forever.