Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jesus - My Hero

We've just celebrated Easter. You know, the time when we all open our chocolate eggs. Oh, and when we celebrate the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ, unqestionably one of the most important events in all of history and the reason Jesus is my all time hero.

There are other reasons. Having lived a perfect life without sin, that is without either thinking, saying or doing anything wrong for 33 years, He allowed Himself - yes, allowed, He could have got out of it if He chose - to go through the worst combination of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional suffering that one person has ever gone through in order that we might have a relationship with Him.

Even more amazing is that before He even created us the Lord and Jesus Himself as part of the trinity would have known what choice we would ultimately make with the free will He was going to give us, and Jesus would have known before creation the sacrifice He would have to make - yet He still allowed it to happen, purely so He could have relationship with us. What incredible love.

Jesus is my ultimate all-time hero becuase before time began He chose the cross and He humbled Himself totally and went through the worst form of suffering, sacrificing Himself for me and the whole world even though none of us deserved it. He sacrificed Himself for what He beleived, He never gave up, He kept going right the way to the end. He never lifted a finger to hurt anyone, even when provoked and always put others before Himself. Supremely, He loved those who hated Him and forgave those who killed Him. He is my hero and an example to us all.

So. you can forget anybody else. Keep all those other so-called 'heroes'. None have them have achieved as much, suffered so much or set such an example for life as Jesus Christ - He's the only hero worth having.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tim Hughes - Holding Nothing Back

'Holding Nothing Back' is the superb new album by Tim Hughes. It is an step forward from his previous offering 'When Silence Falls' and shows how much he has developed as a worship leader and songwriter. It has lots of the quick-uptempo songs as well as the more mellow reflctive ones, in a very modern rocky style. The lyrics are superb and very powerful and it puts even Matt Redman's latest offering in the shade. Make sure you get this ASAP.