Saturday, April 04, 2009

The final post

I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting recently, and have come to a decision regarding the future of my writing/blogging. 

In recent months I've been trying to write two blogs with two very different focuses and while I believe the motivation and the vision behind that was the correct one, that ultimately it is becoming too much of a drain on me.

I've also begun to feel recently that the blogs were becoming more of an obligation, almost like a job. They have become something I felt I had to do rather than something I was passionate about. It had become more of a chore and the joy and the purpose seemed to be dissipating. 

Recently I've had to contend with a lot of internal issues and one of the outcomes is essentially that I now feel like I need to pay more attention to what I write and what goes out on my blog. 

In essence, instead of just writing straight from the heart, which is often what I have done in the past, and my gift of writing has got me through, I think now is the time to largely leave that behind and put more preparation into my posts.

In thinking about that, I've also come to realise that carrying on with two blogs is just not going to be manageable from now on. 

My real passion is the church, the future of the church, what church should be and could be and how we can communicate the gospel more relevantly, and I think those messages are best communicated through my newer blog, (the link is 'Evolving Church' on the right)

This is the 'Evolving Church' blog I started last year, and I think that site rather than this now more accurately reflects where I am in my faith and what God is speaking to me about.

Therefore, this will mean that from now on I will only be posting new posts/blogs on my 'Evolving Church' site, and that this will be the last post on this site 'James Prescott'.

This site has been a real journey for me, from when it started in 2006, and I think I have now moved on to a point where I've done all I wanted to do here. 

The site will remain open and you'll be able to read all the posts I've written, but other than that my work on this site is done.

Thanks to everyone who has read or contributed to this site, it really means a lot to me and it wouldn't have been the same without you. I've loved writing this blog, but they say everything that has a beginning has an end, and this is the time to end.


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Thanks everyone! :-)