Thursday, February 26, 2009

A new development - 'James Prescott's Network'

Another new developement on in terms of my site and my work.

The new development is my 'James Prescott Network' on Ning. I've realised that although its important that I continue with my respective blogs, 'Evolving Church' and 'James Prescott' (see links below), that its now important that I have a space where people can connect with me and with a bit more personally, with photos and videos and all that jazz.

For this I have decided to actively promote my new Ning network page. The link is now on my links below (along with my new 'Rob Bell' link which I'd really encourage everyone to check out - more on that in another post). If you are already on Ning then you can become a member of my network, if not you can still read and view all the information on the homepage, just click on the link 'James Prescott's Network' on the links below.

I will keep on running the two sites I write now independently, and so as far as this site goes northing will change and new posts will appear as usual.

The network is a place I will try to update this place with news on anything significant I'm doing personally and hopefully with first news of any major projects round the corner, or major developments. I'll also be doing some book recommendations and posting some more teaching from Youtube, from Rob Bell and others I find useful, as well as blogs which I want to recommend.

The network is basically a place where people can connect with me and benefit from the resources I find as well, while still being able to read my two blogs.

As I've said both this and my other blog will still operate in themselves independently of the site, but will feed into that page so as well, so as to keep all my resources in one place.

I'd appreciate it if you guys kept visiting here and my other blog independently of the network, and to encourage that I will only be showing the most recent post in my network home page, and to see others you will need to come here.

Obviously there's a bit of work to be done to get the network all up to speed, but bear with me and I hope it will all be going as I wish very soon!

Please do visit the network and e-mail me your feedback, but also do please keep a regular check on this page as this will be the only site which has all my 'Evolving Church' blogs archived and stored together.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flow Reflections Part 5 & 6

Here are the next two video reflections on 'Flow'. I've just finished this mission, and there will be another videoblog soon reflecting on what I've learnt and how I've grown in this process.

For now, here are parts 5 & 6 of my video reflections on 'Flow'.

Coming soon...Flow: Final Reflections and hopes for the future.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Flow Reflections Parts 3 & 4

So here are two more of my video reflections on 'Flow', my church's 'mission into your own life'. There will be more to come soon. One thing I would ask is that you make sure that the volume is turned up to maximum in order to hear them properly. 

I know the quality is not brilliant,  but I hope you're really blessed through my reflections below. 

Hope you liked them. Coming soon, Flow Reflections Parts 5 & 6...