Monday, September 08, 2008


In the last month God has been doing some really good things in my life. Areas I've been weak I've been strengthened, insecurities that I had for a long time been dealt with and a lot more clarity about what God wants for me. God has started to show me my true identity in Him, and who I really am. Its been a time of real growth and maturity, and I feel more positive and confident than ever.

But as I've said before, its easy to get complacent when things are good. When you're being blessed and things are going well its easy to subconsciously think you're okay with God and you're doing well.

You can forget just how much you need God.

I forgot how much I still need God, despite how well everything is going.

I forgot that without the cross, then nothing else matters.

Without the cross, it doesn't matter how 'good' and 'happy' my life is otherwise, its all going to be pointless.

We all need the love, grace, forgiveness and mercy of Jesus. And we need it just as much when life is good as when life is difficult.

There's nothing wrong with having good times and being happy, and living the fulfilling life God wants, and knowing your identity in Christ and feeling positive about that - but we still need to be orientating our lives around the values of Jesus and we must always remember the cross.

It helps us keep things in perspective. It reminds us how thankful we should be for the blessings we have. It reminds us how much we need Jesus every single day in every single circumstance.

Its like food. We still need to eat regularly, even though sometimes we don't feel hungry, and in some cases rarely feel hungry.

We may not feel like we need Jesus when times are good, when life is easy.

But the truth is we need Him just as much as we do when things aren't so good.