Monday, September 01, 2008


I have learnt a lot recently about the difference between real adult relationships, and romantic cheese you find in films.

Hollywood loves to glamorise relationships and sex, they make into something corny. They give the impression that all relationships can be like this and always should be like this. Not only that, but people can easily buy into this idea - its around us all the time.

But adult relationships between one man and one woman, whether girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife, are nothing like that.

Of course there is romance. Of course there's a bit of cheese occasionally. These things are important.

But they aren't the point.

The point is that these, in particular within marriage, are one part of something bigger. A partnership. A team. Companions. Lovers. Friends. Partners. Doing life together. Every little thing. Who see each other at their worst and best. Who have disagreements, but resolve them.

You know you've found someone special not because of how cheesy or romantic they are, but when you find someone you can do life with. Be at your worst and your best with. Do everyday stuff with.

That's someone special. Because the romance stuff you can do with anyone, and its not possible to do 24-7.

But life is something you do every day. When you're married you can't hide much from someone about who you are.

When I find that special one, I will know because I know that I can relax and be myself with them.

I can be a man with them.

I can be a grown up with them.

I can have fun with them.

I can have a conversation with them.

Most of all though, becuase I know I can trust them with myself - as well as have all the cheesy romantic stuff with them.

Cheese is a good thing, but only in moderation

Its just part of the whole meal of what relationships are all about.