Thursday, November 01, 2007

No other answer

I was thinking today about our relationship with God. Thinking about how we are all in relationship with God, its just that some aren't aware of it, or aware He's there waiting for them. Someone who's being unfaithful to Him.

If we're a follower of Jesus, then we are aware of it. We know God and want to know Him. We want to be like Jesus, live like Jesus.

One simple truth stuck with me.

That if everyone in the world were in tune with God, all of us were living each day as Jesus lived and following His example, all of us being obedient and consumed with Him rather than being consumers, then there would be no problems in the world.

Equality, justice, peace, joy, harmony. Everyone together, living, serving, and blessing each other and not concerned with themselves.

God wants us to live like Jesus. He wants us to follow His example.

If someone asks me now what I think could solve all the problems in the world, I have one simple answer.

If every single person submitted themselves 100% to Jesus - including Christians.

If we displayed the love, compassion, charity, humility, servant-heartedness and obedience that he did, if we act like He did, if we do the modern equivalent to what He did - everyone - then the world would be a much better place.

Such a simple answer, yet so few see it.

Jesus is the answer, but we need to choose Him first, we need to pose the question and not be afraid of what the consequences of the answer are.

Like when Jesus asked the sick beggar, "Do you want to be healed?" You think that's a simple question? If you're sick, can't work, have no skills and know nothing except a life begging, then to have health would mean a life of work, of effort, of commitment. Something that you're not used to. It wasn't a simple answer. Just like committing yourself to Jesus isn't simple either.

Jesus don't make life easier. He makes it better. Living like Him brings God into the world and makes it more like He originally envisioned it to be.

There's no other answer to the problems of the world.