Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Bible and film one liners

Today I was thinking about one-liners from films, and how many I know. Everyone knows the famous ones 'Frankly my dear I don't give a damn', 'No - I am your Father', and many others. Indeed I'm ashamed to say there are films which I have seen so many times I know virtually the whole script. While not everyone may have done that, I'm sure there are lots of film and tv quotes that we know off by heart.
It got me thinking. Do we know our Bible that well? Shouldn't the energy we devote to remembering film one-liners be better directed at remembering the scriptures? After all, the Bible is much more important.
How do we do that? Well the way I learnt all these lines from films was by watching them a lot of times, so it suggests that maybe be devoting more time to Bible study and reading the Bible more regularly - and actually concentrating on what I am reading and being open to God rather than distrated - would make a big difference. Not only that, but we would hear God speaking more clearly to us as we spend more time with Him through His word.
It's a big challenge to me and to us all, as it challeges our priorities and invloves possibly a bit of sacrifice, reading the Bible instead of watching a dvd or a film on tv. It's also not easy at all.
But it is the right thing to do. After all, how cool would it be in the really difficult times to have passages you know off by heart to get you through things, or indeed to have verses to hand with which you can bless and encourage others?
It would be brilliant. Let's get our priorites right and get focussed on scripture and really get excited and passionate about it. It would make a big difference.