Friday, January 09, 2009

'Flow' Reflections: Never forget

On Wednesday I started a mission with my church called 'Flow', essentially a mission into my own life and re-ordering it around God.

As such, it is my hope that in the next few weeks I will achieve a deeper intimacy with God and will hear from Him in different ways, as such a lot of my posts will be categorised 'Flow Reflections' both for your and my benefit.

This is the first of these.

One dimension of 'Flow' is daily prayers, and as part of this I set reminders on my outlook calendar at work to remind me to pray every hour. At first I was very conscious of this and thinking about it all the time. But eventually I got carried away with my work, and was busy working and talking to people when suddenly, out of the blue, this reminder popped up on my computer, reminding me to pray.

It took me by surprise, because somehow in the busyness of the day I had totally forgotten about my prayers, totally forgot about God.

It brought home to me how easy it can be to get so carried away by the busyness of everyday life that we can simply forget to pray at all, and forget about God completely.

That's a lesson for us all I think, though I think many of us already know this experience.

The whole idea of this mission is to instead put God first and make everything else revolve around and involve Him. I've set my reminders to keep on doing this each hour every day, even after the mission had ended.

I hope that by the time the mission is over I will actually be looking forward to the little 30 second - 1 minute break every hour to remember God, and that my work will start to revolve around that, and around God.

It also occurred to me how we can also get so caught up with doing church-related things, that we forget why we do them in the first place. So busy helping, serving, setting things up and doing things that we start to forget why we're there and who we're doing it for.

That is something as Christians we should beware of.

When we serve, let it be an act of service to Jesus, not just something we do to be helpful or friendly.

In the busyness of life, we need Jesus just to get us through and keep us going, and we need to be kept reminded of what's really important.

Lets not forget about Him.