Friday, October 10, 2008

The new site....Evolving Church

As I mentioned recently I'm about to start a new blog, focusing more on issues surrounding church, what church is, what's good and bad about the church and how we can try to build the kingdom of God better.

I've decided to call this site 'Evolving Church' and there's a link below right.

This is because I believe that while there are some fundamental truths about what we believe about Jesus and the Bible that never change, that as society changes, as we learn more, as we discover more about the historical context and meaning of the Bible and as people discover new ways of communicating and learning, that the way we do church, the way we communicate the message of Jesus, and the way we live it out practically, evolves and changes.

As I try to discover how its evolved in recent years, how it could evolve in future and what's happening now, I will post my reflections and studies on that blog.

This site will continue to operate, focusing more on issues and topics about living the Christian life today.

I hope that all of you will read the new site as well as this site, and continue to be blessed by them both.

The new site is....

I hope you all like it, and I'd love your feedback.