Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fearing our identity

One of the biggest questions in life is who we really are. Identity.

Its one of the most fundamental issues we face.

Who we are.

Our gifts.
Our talents.
Our personality.
Our calling.
The things that make us 'us'.

There's too much to write on this subject to be limited to one blog, but there is one area of identity I've been sensing God speak to me in recently.


One of the things we do best is hide from ourselves. We can be scared of who we are, or what we can do. With God, after all, anything is possible.

We can run away from what God wants and who we are meant to be because we don't want to face up to ourselves, and often because the reality of achieving our goals and dreams and becoming who we were always meant to be doesn't seem quite as exciting, and in fact can seem daunting.

When the dream becomes a reality its always very different from the dream.

Dreams come true. But they don't come free.

To achieve the things God calls us to, to become the men and women God made us to be, to find our true identity, involves commitment, hard work and also trust.

We need to trust God with our identity. We need to trust in how God has made us.

We also need to trust ourselves. We can live in fear that if we find out who we really are it could all turn nasty.

But God is good. God is just. God is loving. God is perfect.

If we become or are looking to become the person God made us to be, rather than what the world tells us we should be, what we find will be good.

It might even surprise us.

May you believe in who Jesus made you to be. May you trust God with your identity. May you come to see that when you fully embrace who you are as God made you, then you become your true self, and become the person you were always made to be.