Wednesday, June 25, 2008

100th post....and some challenging questions

This is my 100th post. Hooray!

Anyway, while I celebrate, I want to (finally) write about the ministry of Todd Bentley. I've watched some of his ministry times of TV and read a lot more about him.

It worries me. That's the truth of it.

Its not the healings and the miracles themselves that worry me though. I have total faith in God's desire and ability to heal people and perform miracles. God is totally capable of that.

But there are serious questions to be asked.

1)What is the substance?
2)What do these guys believe about Jesus and the Bible?
3)Where does their faith come from - faith or miracles?
4)Do the people that go think that Jesus is 'only' at these places and not at their churches?
5)Do the people who lead or people who go think that this is all there is to church and being a Christian, and that miracles are more important?
6)Is this just consumer Christianity?
7)What's going to happen to the congregation when this is all over?
8)What are the new Christians in that congregation going to believe?
9)Where is Jesus in this - and does it reflect what He did in his ministry?

Lots of questions, lots of answers and lots to talk about.

No time to talk about it today, but I'll be back to try and answer these questions soon. It may take a while.

This is an issue that needs to be examined and looking at it will bring up a whole load of other questions about faith in Jesus and modern Christianity.

Should take a few blogs, and some time. Will be interesting...and quite exciting too.