Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Coming soon on this site...

Thought I'd chat briefly about what's coming up on this site in the near future. It's just to keep people informed and to give you an idea of the sort of issues and areas I'll be writing about over the coming months.

I'll be continuing with my features on Chelsea FC, including features on how money does or doesn't motivate players, a discussion on the merits of both Frank Lampard and Michael Ballack and their compatability. There'll be Chelsea Retro, a few articles I wrote last season that never got on this site. Also there'll two new series. Firstly Chelsea Managers, profiling the great Chelsea managers beginning with Jose Mourinho, and also including Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli. Then there'll be Chelsea Player Profiles where I'll be profiling the best Chelsea players of recent years, starting with Joe Cole. Finally I'll be looking back at how Chelsea have performed in October and writing a preview of what lies ahead for them in November.

However, I'll also be taking a more in-depth look at another of my main interests, British politics. This will include a comparison between Tony Blair and David Cameron, their leadership styles, similarities, differences and their respective impacts on their parties. I'll also be examining how potentially successful David Cameron can be and whether he and his new-look Conservative party have the substance and qualities necessary for Government. I'll be talking about the issue of the next Labour leader and discussing not just who it will be, but who it should be. On top of this I'll be arguing how and why I think the Conservatives should take a long-term view should be they lose the next General Election.

Finally I'll be sharing a bit more about my expriences at the New Wine, Soul Survivor and Momentum Christian conferences last summer, and talking about how God spoke to me and how He changed both my life and the lives of others. I'll also be taking an in-depth look at prayer. I also intend to write a short response to Richard Dawkins new book 'The God Delusion' from a Christian perspective.

So as you can see, there's a lot to come over the next few months -and that's just what I already know! Keep checking up on the site to keep right up to date!