Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting the discussion

Every so often I get one of those moments where I reassess everything and what I’m doing on the blog, or where I feel I want to reaffirm what I’m trying to achieve here and what this journey is all about. It’s something I think all of us need to do in whatever area or stage of life we’re in, as it helps us establish where we are and what story we’re telling - or not telling - in  our lives and set out where we want to go, what we want to achieve and above all the story we want to tell.

Blogs get a bad rep sometimes, and especially in the States. Often they can be a good place for cowards and Pharisees who have gripes with public figures to get their opinions out and complain. It can be a cheap and easy way for people with an opinion to express it, and say whatever they like, no matter how insulting or hurtful - or untrue.

However, at their best blogs can be places where we encounter people within their journeys and be inspired by them. They are places where we can connect with complex ideas in a simple and easy to understand way. They can be life-changing, thought provoking and move people to action. They can pose the difficult questions and start important discussions.

That’s what I’ve always tried to do here.

You see, I don’t want this blog to be ‘the final word’ on anything. 

I want it to be the first word. 

By that I mean, I don’t want the topic to be open and closed, and leave no room for discussion. For me what this blog - and anything creatively using words to communicate, like a speech, sermon or book - is about is starting a discussion.

That might be an individual discussion with God and dialogue with yourself or self-examination about what kind of life you are living, or about some dimension of your relationship with God, or how you view church. 

Or it might be that the blog speaks to something in your life you’ve been ignoring but need to deal with. Or something might give you a sense of calling that you hadn’t had, or help you start to face up to difficult issues in your life and walk with God.

It might be a discussion with a larger group of people or even with your church about how to move forward and actions you might need to take as a group of friends or a church community.

Whatever it is, my hope and prayer has always been that this will stimulate & inspire, encourage & challenge, and move people to action.

This isn’t one of those blogs that is all about me or my life, or what I did this morning or where I had lunch (there’s plenty of room for that on Twitter, if you’re so inclined). 

I may share stories from my own life or experience but they will merely be to point out wider and deeper truths. I may share resources that have helped me and try to connect others with that, but again, its only to help, support and encourage you and share with you something that has been useful on my journey.

This blog is about exploring & discovering what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in a secularised, consumer society. 

Its about exploring & reclaiming the heart of what it means to be & do church, and to be a Jesus follower. 

Its about opening people’s eyes to the God who is all around us wherever we care to look for Him.

If you are a regular reader, I would love for you to continue walking that journey with me, and if you haven’t been here before, to join me on that journey.

With God, you never know quite what’s round the corner.

Posted via email from James Prescott