Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Evolving Church: The journey continues

A while back I wrote about what my future plans might be in terms of my blogging, and discussed the various options available to me. After a time of reflection I’ve decided on a positive way forward.

Its pretty simple really. I have signed up for Posterous, a blogging site which essentially posts your blogs via e-mail. However, before you start worrying where this new site will be, let me explain. The beauty of this site is that when you e-mail your blog post to Posterous, it automatically posts it to any blogging site you use - Wordpress, blogger, anything - and also automatically posts links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  So what I’ve done is link my Evolving Church blog, my old ‘James Prescott’ blog (on blogger), and my Facebook and Twitter accounts to my new Posterous account. 

So, practically speaking, this means that wherever you’ve been reading my blogs, you can continue to read them at the same web address. So in one sense, nothing changes, but in another, things do. The real change will - and was always going to - be that the nature of my blog posts will be a bit more expansive, and it being posted on a Posterous blog with my name and a different emphasis will allow me to have a bit more freedom in terms of what I post, which is what I was really seeking.

I have more posts to share with you and new ideas I’m working on, including a very exciting concept - not necessarily a blog post - I have just come up with which is literally still in the very early stages, and may take some time to develop. As I do more study, in particular of the Bible, the nature of what I post my change, but I hope my style doesn’t. 

I try to communicate what I hear and reflect on in language that all of us can understand. I believe that Jesus is part of a bigger conversation about what life is about - the way of Jesus I believe is bigger than religion - though can be expressed through it the best sense of the word - and has equal merit among any other worldview, and needs to be expressed and understood in today’s language, not in cheesy, patronising, religious language and that’s what I will continue to do.

I also hope that I will be able to showcase projects or ministries - in particular creative ones - that maybe are slightly unknown or emerging and which I think you’d all be interested in. 

I believe we can see God anywhere in anything, anywhere or anyone, if we really look for Him, and that we need to be looking to constantly expand our vision of who God is and how big He is, we need to keep on making Him bigger and never ‘domesticise Him’ as Shane Hipps spoke about recently. I hope that is something I will always be doing on this site.

Thanks for journeying with me this far, and I would ask you to stick with me as I journey forward. With God, especially a big God, its always an adventure. 

Posted via email from James Prescott