Sunday, November 23, 2008

Forget fear, embrace obedience

Fear can be one of the biggest holdups to achievement.

How often do we not do something because we are 'worried about what might happen' or 'worried about....(fill in the appropriate reason).

Worried of what people will think.
Worried we'll fail and be embarrassed.
Worried people will think we're stupid or foolish.
Worried we'll alienate people.
Worried people will think we're crazy.
Worried we might lose everything.
Worried about our reputation.
Worried people will reject us.

Fear is one of the biggest weapons the enemy uses to stop us being who we were destined to be and doing what we were destined to do.

The reason we get all the innovations and major achievements in history though is because people were willing to take huge risks, be willing to look foolish for what they believed in.

When God tells us to do something, He does promise to be with us.

But He doesn't promise it will be easy.

There's this perception going around that just because God calls us, it will all be easy and smooth. Sometimes it does appear to happen like that with people.

But God calls us to trust Him. To persevere. To be obedient. To choose His path even when things seem against us.

I think when things keep trying to stop us, try to make us doubt, when the world and our own fears come in the way of our calling, its more likely that the calling was from God. There's someone who doesn't want God's kingdom to come and doesn't want our best, so he puts obstacles in our way to try and put us off.

That's when we need to be faithful and trust, and take a step of faith.

Why am I talking about this?

I recently took a step of faith, and it may not seem huge to some but for me it was a huge deal. Huge.

Telling people what I believed I was called to do with my life. What I believed God's long-term plan for me was. Saying it out loud.

Risking rejection, risking embarrassment.

I had to chance to avoid it. It would have been easy. But I knew I had to do it, otherwise it would remain a fantasy forever.

When I said it, it suddenly became real. It suddenly had power. I got affirmation and encouragement from those around me and through things I subsequently heard in talks, at church and in conversation.

But I know its not going to suddenly happen. Its a process will take years, and I just need to get on and make myself as ready as I can, do what I can do now and then trust and allow God to do what He can do.

God said to me today

'Yes, you will do this. Yes you can do this, despite what you think'

'You know this is your calling'

'You just need to believe it in your heart, and take action to prepare for it'

So that's what I intend to do. Now is not the time for making it public on a website, but I promise when God tells me to and when I can articulate it better, I will say what it is.

So let us forget fear and embrace our calling even though it may not come to fulfillment right now. Let us with God's help identify what we are called to do, whatever it is, and walk that path in any way we can, then allow God to do what He can do to make it possible.

Forget fear, embrace obedience.