Sunday, March 23, 2008

Falling in love with Jesus

I fell in love with Jesus again this week.

I don't think I was out of love with Him, but I think I'd lost the enthusiasm, the fire inside was smouldering. I loved Jesus, but the passion had gone a little.

Then I did a Bible study on Jesus. Talking about Jesus the man, remembering and thinking about how much He had to endure and give up in order to save me. I watched 'The Passion' on BBC and saw what He did for me. I felt it in my heart.

Suddenly I realised how much He loved and still loves me. How He's been through much worse than I will ever go through. And He did it because He chose to. He did it because He loved me. He did it willingly and in total obedience and submission to God. So that I could be free. He allowed it to happen to Him. The worst kind of suffering any man could ever experience.

He gave up everything for me. When I woke this morning, Easter day, and knew the grave was empty and that He'd given it all up for me and emerged triumphant, I just felt overwhelming thanks and love for Him. More than I ever have before. I felt humbled and wanted to just bow down and worship. I sang my heart out at church and at home on my own.

I fell in love with Jesus again. I knew the full gravity and power of what He'd done for me and been through for me even though I've let Him down so often and even though I don't deserve it. I knew a bit more of how much love He has for me. I trusted Him like never before. I wanted to serve Him out of love, not obligation.

Jesus is amazing. There is no one like Him. He gave everything for me and now He's alive. The grave is empty. Forever.

What an amazing person. What a Saviour. I love Him.