Sunday, January 13, 2008

My decisions for 2008

At my church recently my pastor was speaking on decisions, and instead of new years resolutions making proper decisions about things we are to do this year and who we are to be.

Decision in the truest sense means to cut yourself off from anything that isn't that, that has been before, and not going back. Moving forward with a new philosophy and way of life that is different and never going or being able to go back.

Very challenging.

I made some decisions, and at the risk of embarrassing myself I thought I'd be bold and make them public on here, so anyone who'd read these and ever meets me can challenge me on them, and also for myself, to really make them real by putting them on paper, as it were.

So what have I decided?

Well, first, to lose weight. This means eating healthier, eating less and exercising at the gym at least two and eventually three times a week, for a full 40 mins. I will build up to this 40 mins three times a week over a number of weeks, but by mid-February I will be on three times a week, and my life and what I do outside of work during the week will take second place, apart from my house group. It will be a priority for me. It will be a choice I make every day and a gradual process, not some random thing I will do for a few weeks and then give up on.

The second, is to study and read more. This means doing an evening course of study in theology, attending Deep Church lectures, reading more books to learn and understand theology and the Bible more, and to read the Bible every day. These, again are habits I will get into and keep to, and will be a priority in my life.

Of course, I will keep writing this blog regularly but I also plan to write some sermons this year as part of my study and also to develop my teaching skills. I may publish edited and shorter versions on this blog so hopefully you will see those at some point.

If you are reading this as a Christian, I'd appreciate your prayers. If you know me, then please do keep me accountable.

This will serve as a reminder and a sort of prayer for me for this year, and the decisions I've made. So at the beginning of next year I can remind myself of what I chose this year and see how its gone.

I hope and pray that I will keep to the decisions I have made