Tuesday, August 21, 2007

God's not just yesterday or tomorrow, but today!

So much of what we do in church can be what God has done in the past and what He will do in the future - all of it in the Bible. The Bible is good, it is authoritative and the Word of God. Its important to all of our spiritual development and how we find out about God. But sometimes we talk about the past and the future so much we forget that God is living and inside of us right now.

As you are reading this, God is with you. He might even be speaking to you. He's with you when you go to work, when you go out with friends, when you're on your own - He's right there with you.

By your side.

He's not going anywhere either.

He is living, alive and active today. He is at work into today's world.

His teaching and truth is relevant today, it applies today and is part of how we live today. We are Christians alive and living today, every day, and God is with us. He's at work today.

Through churches.

Through charities.

Through missionaries.

Through you.

Even through people who don't know Him.

He is involved in what we are doing now, today. Everything we do. This culture, this world, He is active and involved. His truth is relevant today, people are living it out today. Not only that, but people need to understand how to live this out today.

Not how people used to live it out.

Fundamental Biblical and Christian truths apply equally today as 2000 years ago, but how they are lived out does and always will change according to the culture.

We need to be looking at what Jesus is doing now, where He is at work, what He's saying, what He's calling us to do now. Which areas of life He's asking us to get involved in. How we can build His kingdom now.


On earth.

Where we live and work.

His kingdom, where we are now.

God isn't just about tomorrow. He's not just about yesterday.

Though those things are important, they give us hope, they give us teaching, truth and principles and values God wants us to live by.

But those need to be lived out and made relevant here and now. Made true today. His kingdom needs to be built on earth by us, the people He's given responsibility for it - with His help.

We need to be living for His kingdom today.

Building His kingdom today.

According to the teachings, values and principlies laid down yesterday.

Ready for tomorrow.