Friday, December 15, 2006

The God Delusion: More like self-delusion

I've been reading more of "The God Delusion" and some reviews. They truly are stimulating reading. I realised that this topic was worthy of at least one more response. Here is another review, which includes some quotes of Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion". Yet again, his arguments are flawed.

"At heart, this argument (the central argument of the book) is an elaboration of the child's question "But Mommy, who made God?" To posit God as the ground of all being is a nonstarter, Dawkins submits, for "any God capable of designing a universe, carefully and foresightfully tuned to lead to our evolution, must be a supremely complex and improbable entity who needs an even bigger explanation than the one he is supposed to provide."

Dawkins asserts that "the presence or absence of a creative super-intelligence is unequivocally a scientific question."

Yet again Dawkins humiliates himself. Surely the whole essence of God is that he is divine, that He has no maker. He trancends time and space. He is beyond them all. He is above all. He is beyond what the small human brain is capable of comprehending. That is why He is God. God has no maker. He is before and after everything, the alpha and omega "beginning and the end". He is outside of time, time doesn't exist for him. Our human brains can't work without it, but God chooses to intervene inside of time to act in human history. And how God, a spiritual, supernatural being, needs to be explained scientifically, especially when he created science itself, is pure babble.

What this book seems to avoid is the story and evidence for Jesus, not just from the Bible but from other historical documents. There is no doubt that that man lived and was crucified. The questions need to be asked. Why have His teachings endured for 2000 years? Were His teachings those of a madman? Were his teaching and words that of an idiot? When did He ever kill anyone? What negative impact did He have on anyone else's life during His ministry?

God cannot be measured nor explained in human terms, yet Dawkins tries to do that and fails. That is why he fails. God is a supernatural, infinite, spiritual being. He cannot be compared to or limited by any inherently flawed (as no human being is perfect, apart from Jesus Christ) human idea or concept.

More and more it seems that Dawkins' "God Delusion" is the one he is imposing on himself - the delusion that God doesn't exist. I suggest he reads the work of the atheist who became a Christian, C.S.Lewis, and then looks again at the Bible with an eternal, spiritual view instead of a worldly, limited one. He might be surprised at what he finds.